Bringing Back The Wonder, The Magic And The Joy Of Christmas.

Did This Happen To You?

It’s Christmas, the most magical time of the year for children all over the world.

The tree is trimmed with tinsel and baubles of every imaginable colour. Excitement fills the air as today’s the Christmas party and you're going to have fun, food, frivolity and meet the big man himself........SANTA CLAUS.

Your Mum and Dad have spent weeks getting you to behave with the warning, “Santa's watching!” and at last, the moment you've been dreaming of is here.

You've played games, had food and now sit here with your friends knowing HE is coming.  Wriggling in your seats unable to stay still, everyone is just so excited, then suddenly there is the sound of bells....SLEIGH BELLS!

“HE’S HERE! HE’S HERE!” you all scream, little hearts beating fit to burst, the door opens, you're now at fever pitch and in walks SANTA! 

But who’s this?!!

Santa’s not got dark hair!

Why is his beard made of cotton wool?

Why is he wearing a pair of cheap trainers? 

Why is he so thin?

Why does he look so young?

Why does he smell like dad on Saturday night?

You have so many questions but sadly, there's only one possible answer...

He's not the real Santa!

Can you remember feeling disappointed?

Is that what you want for your little ones?

I don't think any parent wants that, don't you agree?

So what can we do to stop this from happening? 

CLICK HERE for the answer.

"You were amazing when you visited my granddaughter, she still talks about it every year.

She still thinks Father Christmas is real thanks to you."

Julia McFaddon, Warrington.