Bringing Back The Wonder, The Magic And The Joy Of Christmas.

So You'd Like Santa To Visit?

You know you don't just want the very best Santa Service possible, you want your children to have a truly magical Christmas experience.

How can we do this? 

Simple, by NOT telling you what is going to happen! No, instead, by asking you a very important question ...what would you like to happen?

Because you know your children better then anyone, wouldn't it make more sense if you tell me what your children would like to happen?

Have they got a question they want to ask?

Do they want a story?

Do they want to see a little Christmas Magic?

Then after making a few suggestions with advice gained from many years as being Warrington's Santa, we shall create a home visit your children will never forget.  

By planning out Santa's visit this way, you can add in those little details, like names of friends and school teachers, information only Santa could know. By the time we've finished, they'll know, they meet SANTA!

Did You Know...

He's a member of both Santa-UK and Equity.

He also has Public Liability Insurance up to £10m which he's never needed.

Because some children are afraid of Santa, we insist on a parent or guardian to be present at all times.

Just thought you'd like to know.